The Internets, They Overwhelm Me

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I'm a bit on edge.

It all started when I installed an RSS Feeder. Or is it a reader? Or is it a Feeder Reader. Ouch. My head..

Wait. Let me go back. It all started when I got involved with a couple of online thingees that are related to my work at school. One is a website where Bad Environmental Advertisers are chastened and Good Environmental Advertisers are applauded. It's called the Greenwashing Index and it's a cool thing. I write a brief article for it every few weeks. The second is a website connected with my new book on Word of Mouth Marketing. it's coming out in a few weeks, and the web site is under construction and not very good at the moment but I've been writing content for that too. And the third is a site that is a cumulation of Web 2.0 articles for my graduate class.

So. I get an RSS feeder and THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO READ. And when I read something I have to I save this?Do i write an article about this for one of my sites? Do I do a blog post or a wiki page? WhatdoIdowhatdoIdo?

It becomes a little much. I try to keep up with the RSS feed but I'm having a bad case of information overload.


Here is a Happy Spring Sock in Happy Spring Sock Colors. This is the famous feeding frenzy yarn, Wollmeise. And you know what? It is really a terrific yarn. Feeding frenzy some yourself if you can.

Oh my. The pink tube. I washed it and thought I blocked it, but it stretched out so much now it is a Long Pink Mini Dress for a 7 foot tall Barbie. It's soaking again.

Deep breaths.


Carol said…
Ahhh, the information age. Tell more about this book of yours! The sock is great! Like a daffodil in full bloom :)
Steve H. said…
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Lisa Boyer said…
Lately, I've been feeling the internet shock, too. So much information, so little time. No wonder we were designed with only these tiny brains instead of 10 GB hard drives in our heads. TMI!!!