Not a lot of knitting to show...

Originally uploaded by kbshee I was a bit busier at the conference than I thought I would be. The conference was a mixed experience...I saw a lot of nice people, but I see the organization going in a not-good direction and there is little I can do about it. I was happy to come home. I did win an award: Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Advertising. In academia, you get no money but lots of awards.

Not a lot of time for knitting because I was either busy running around at the conference or I was pooped. And...I took knitting on the plane but on the way down (to Cali) sat next to a drag racer (a drag racer! a professional drag racer!!) and so quizzed him all about being a drag racer for the whole trip. He told me about a reality show called Drag Race High (!!!) which we'll have to check out. He also told me that many women are now getting into the sport. Anyway. It was interesting, but took away from knitting time.

On the right is a new summer top...the garter stitch vest. I'm making it in a neutral colored cotton fleece. So far, so good.

Originally uploaded by kbshee
I also started a pair of socks for Tim...I haven't made any socks for him for a while so he deserves a new pair! This is a pattern from my new favorite book: The Little Book of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrot. Each of the sock patterns are on a laminated card that you can easily take with you.

This pattern has a slip stitch 'v' pattern on it and the yarn is from a new (for me) company called THe Unique Sheep. I bought the yarn at Woolgirl. You may remember the Unique Sheep is the company that dyed the 'blue flame' colorway for me. Nice yarn. Feels good.

I had insomnia at the confernce, and ended up awake at 5 am on Friday after about 4 hours of sleep. So...I logged on and checked Wollmeise to see if the site was updated. And...yep. It was. I scored five skeins of this wonderful yarn and it made having insomnia worth it, in some weird way.

We've had snow (SNOW!) here in Eugene over spring break. This is a crazy spring, weather wise.

Hope you are all well!


Carol said…
That looks like a lot of knitting to me! Nice to the insomnia paid off! Now I'll be trying to hunt it down!
zippiknits said…
That's definitely a respectable showing for knitting. I noticed that you have one of those dangling counters. Do you like it? It would certainly remind a person to change to the next row.