Panda Hunting at the ETC

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I dropped by the new Eugene Textile Center last Saturday. It is a new weaving-dyeing-spinning-knitting shop in Eugene where knitting is definitely the 4th most important craft represented...but that's OK. It is a huge space, and I think I'll take a couple workshops on dyeing there.

A few summers back, I had planned to try my hand at natural dyeing. I got a kit and everything. Well, that was the summer I broke my collar bone, so any fun activities got put on hold. I think I'll plan to try it again this summer.

Anyway...I bought six balls of Panda Yarn. I like the yarn a lot, although many have complained that it is splitty, so keep that in mind. Top: panda cotton in the 'circus' colorway (an oldie but goodie colorway from Crystal Palace). ON the right, panda wool in blues and greens for socks for Tim. And on the bottom left, panda BAMBOO SILK in a lovely purpley violet color.

We had a nice, quiet, rainy Easter and the wreath is still on the door.


Stephanie said…
OOOOOh I love those colors.
zippiknits said…
Panda yarn is a very easy on the hands to knit, though as you say, it is known to be splitty. I like all those colors but of course, the green blend really calls out of Ocean and deep stormy seas.
Carol said…
~snort~ It's a good way to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year. Our neighbors still ahve their lights up! Icicle lights no less!