Since I have no knitting to show...

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..I thought I'd show you the cover of my most recent book, which just got published this week. It is a book for small retailers teaching them how to use the power of Word of Mouth to compete in today's competitive market. Hence the name, Building Buzz to Beat the Big Boys.

Yes, it is a stupid title, and one that as an academic I'm sort of embarassed to have my name on, but oh well.

I wrote it with my friend and Oregon alum Steve O'Leary, who owns a small ad agency in SoCal. It was a treat to have a co-author who is so much fun.

This is the third book I've had published, all of the others are academic too, this is probably the most 'general' of all of them.

Anyway...thought you'd like to see it.


Carol said…
Kim! This is great! I like the title just fine:)
Bonnie said…
{Standing and clapping} Yay Kim!!!!!

Be proud of yourself girl. You worked hard and should go out and celebrate with a lovely little cocktail. If I was there it would be martini night and the boys would be picking us up.

I LOVE the cover. Maybe I should get a copy for my burgeoning artisan jewelry biz.
Beverly said…
Wow. No. 3! The title is perfect. Right to the point.
yarnbeans said…
How wonderful! I had no idea you were an author! The title is perfect! Great job!
Shelly said…
Lisa Boyer said…
Wow! Congrats! And nothing to be ashamed about the title--I think it's is the entire cover.

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