Spring in Blue-m

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Here's the blue top I've been inventing for a while (it's going to have sort of an assymetrical, asian looking neckline. But this is the back so it's pretty boring).

It is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a very pretty blue color.

Not very exciting, but nice just the same.

It has fairly long ribbing in place of waist shaping, which is my new favorite design technique.

I'm still a bit info overloaded, but feel like I have a wee bit of a handle on things, at least for today.

Although the one sentence=one paragraph formatting of this blog entry may mean otherwise.


Sheila E said…
Your new sweater is Lovely! Hoping for warmer days so that you can wear it...SUN!!
Thanks for the heads up on my blog...appreciated!
Carol said…
OK, I'm not getting weird on you here, but I wish I could feel that! It looks sooo soft. All that overload, and you're designing a sweater? You're one cool girl.
Bonnie said…
I lurve that color more than shoes and that is quite a bit!