Springing Forward

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I finished a pair of socks last night: using the purple yarn from Lucky Lurker Sock Club and I think this marks the 'official' end of Winter Knitting. These socks went lickety split, which I love. And I love that yarn.

But. I am itching, ITCHING, to start knitting some spring and summer tops. So today my challenge is to go through patterns and yarn and see what I can make from the stash. I'll organize this all on Ravely so if you're interested in what I"m doing, stop by there!

I've thought a lot about how to approach knitting this spring, given that I'll be a bit busy in class and that I have a gazillion projects I want to do. I also want to do a fair isle sweater in wool but figure I'll wait til summer when things slow down a bit (I don't mind at all knitting with wool in the summer). So spring will be spent on cotton tops and doing colorwork socks and gloves. And if I"m jonesing to do cables, I'll do those on socks too.

That's the plan. On the needles now are the wollmeise socks in spring colors (and oh? I love this yarn. It's as good as most people say it is). And I'm doing an assymetrical top of my own design (which means that I'm stealing the good bits of someone else's pattern).

So off to organize at Ravelry! Wish me luck!


Beverly said…
The warmer it gets the worse the itching gets. I think it's contagious.
Carol said…
I love how spring knitting has replaced that old fashioned spring cleaning thing.
zippiknits said…
We could knit dust cloths. NOT. ;O)

I'm thinking of a sweet summer top pattern that I posted a couple of years ago. Before the sock and mitten craze hit me.