Ahhhhhh.......knitting time

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After what ended up being a pretty frantic week...and one that will represent probably the next nine weeks....it was lovely to have some time this weekend just to knit. Tim was at a conference in town, and the weather was pretty crummy, so I holed up in our little room with the gas fireplace on and knit away. The three wips, which had all seemed sort of at the 'starting gate' stage, are now moving forward quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

This is the back of the garter rib vest, which will end up being a summer top for me. Garter rib (k on right side, k3 p2 on wrong side) is an interesting pattern...not quite mindless knitting because I can't read and knit this pattern simultaneously, but easy enough when Im watching TV. This looks like it will be a winner.

More updates this week!


Carol said…
Nice Kim! Just love this for the warmer weather!