Another Round of Good News for Cody!

Tim just called from Corvallis, where Cody was getting his three month check up (lung xray, ultrasound, and exam of cancer worry spots). There is still no evidence that the cancer is recurring! I was thinking that this visit would be the one where we'd get the bad news, but he has another great report and will visit Corvallis again in three months for another check.

Yay Cody!!!


Anonymous said…
Just sending a little "woot! woot!" over to the Codester!
Carol said…
Cody the amazing wonder dog! This is great news!!!
Rachel said…
That is great news! I've been hoping Cody was still hanging in there!
zippiknits said…
Huzzah! Go Cody! Great news Kim. Wonder dog indeed. Yes yes.. :D
Bonnie said…
In Cody's honor Koshka is doing a happy dance!

Glad to hear there was good news!
Sheila E said…
That is such Great news Kim! Please give me a great big hug for me!
Blessings all around!!
You have brightened my day!