Blue, blue, my world is blue

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But in a good way.

More Wollmiese arrived from Deutschland, with this shipment including three skeins of the incredible blue colorways that Claudia dyes. She is incredible with the colors. Anyway, the new plan (not that there was an old plan, but whatever), the new plan is to make socks and then to use the leftovers for a Charlotte's Web shawl. What a great idea, huh? Thank someone on Ravelry, who mentioned it as an idea for leftover STR but doing it in Wollmiese seems to me to be a much sweeter choice.

Hope your day is blue (in a good way) too!


Carol said…
I can definitely get behind that blue!
Bonnie said…
I am so feeling the blue. It reminds me of the fantastic blue Cherry Hill yarn you gave me. I still pet it regularly and dream of making socks with it but I feel like I need to master socks before using that very special yarn.
Jeanne said…
Gorgeous yarn!