Our Amazing Cody Dog

We've had a little spell of very hot weather (highs in the 90s) this week, and so we thought we'd try to get the dogs out for a little exercise and fun by taking them over to Alton Baker Park. There's a nice pond on the canoe canal where we've often seen dogs playing, but we've never taken our own dogs there. So off we went to Alton Baker Saturday morning.

Cody, loving the water as he does, had a great time. Juneau even got her feet wet a bit, which is a start.

Tim took several videos with our little Canon camera, and this one is my favorite. Cody is very focused on fetching, and in this video he grabbed a stick in the water before he realized he was meant to fetch the orange float. Always intrepid, Cody manages to fulfill both tasks.



Carol said…
Cody's top dog!
Alyssa said…
Too cute! I can't wait until we can trust Wrigley off leash. :)
Anonymous said…
His ear flapping is too. cute.
kitkatknit said…
I lurve u Cody!!
Bonnie said…
Awwwww. Go Cody!

It makes me want to post video of Koshka. But I don't think Koshka snoring away in the front balcony is as exciting as the double object fectch!
Sheila E said…
Yeah!! I love the look in his little *puppy* eyes! This soul is amazing!
I also loved the panting...he was working hard! There's a lot of strength and stamina in that Puppy!
I agree....Go Cody!!
Kim in Oregon said…
the panting was a sound effect provided by Juneau!

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