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Well, I finally finished something...a pair of socks that has been in the works for a while. These are for Tim, and they're made with yarn from The Unique Sheep. Purchased from Woolgirl. The pattern was from "the little book of sock" and all in all I think they turned out fine. There's a bit of a slip stitched cable pattern in the sock which looks nice. Tim likes them..the yarn is a thicker weight than most sock yarns, which he loves.

I've been doing a round or two a day of fair is starting to look like something (but what, I'm not sure) but I do like fair isle. It isn't that scary, although it will be interesting once it is off the needles to see how it looks.

I also cast on a top from the Knitter's Book of Yarn, that was designed by Amie Gavin Glasgow, who is a visitor to this blog and one of those 'friends you've never met' in the knitting community. She created a pattern for a side to side sleeveless top in a striped pattern. Well, I ended up with some cotton yarn called Ty Dy which is pseudo self-striping so I'm making it with that. And it's a heavier yarn which has caused me to sort of rewrite the pattern to fit the yarn, but the basic concept is still there. It should look good. Pics soon.