...you like to knit socks.
...OK, you love to knit socks.
...you have a lot of handpaint yarns in your stash
...you just can't stop shopping at Woolgirl and The Loopy Ewe
...you tend to have little pooling problems
...you are happy to knit just a plain old sock, but every once in a while you need a little sock oomph...

Then you have to get this book.
I don't know how I missed its release...it must not have been the 'event' that other books have, but this is a great, great book. Lots of patterns for knitting variegated and handpainted yarns, and most are 'pay a bit of attention but go ahead and watch Jeremy Sisto on Law and Order, you'll be ok' level of difficulty.

I'm going to cast on for one with some yarn that just got here from Woolgirl. Stay tuned!


fillyjonk said…
I've been trying to hold off on buying this and ask for it for my birthday (end of February) but I'm not sure I'll make it...

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