Big Bag o'Fleece

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Bil and Julia at Silk Creek Alpacas posted some good pics and a little video of shearing have to scroll past a lot of chickens to get to the alpaca pics. They also had a picture of all the bags of fleece, and that reminded me I haven't posted a picture of Brownie's fleece, and so, here it is!

It is a deep deep brown in this picture but in reality it is pretty much black, the tips are lighter brown due to amniotic fluid. I've read the tips can be problematic to prepare to spin (the term 'like velcro' has been used) but we'll see. I've decided to try flick carding to prep Brownie's fleece...basically, you use a brush like a dog brush to just tease out each end of the lock of fleece and that gets the dust and vm out of the fleece. I have the flick carder to get started on this, now I just need some time. So that's my June project.

I'm going to keep this whole fleece for myself, since Brownie will never have a 'first shear' again. Future fleeces...we'll see.


Bil said…
"you have to scroll past a lot of chickens to get to the alpaca pics" ROFLOL!!

Ok, so I'm in to chickens lately!! :)

I'll try to post more about the alpacas! :)