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So here is the picture of my halfway point of the little sweater. You can see the button bands with one entire side done and one side not done at all, and you can see the top of the back 'wedge' like piece. It looks good...it needs a good blocking to make the cables pop even more, but I'll wait til I get the other side done. If I had more yarn I would have made this long sleeved, but the short sleeve is just fine for summer...this will look cute over a tank or a short sleeve t shirt.

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Here is the seam of the sleeve. I must admit I am enchanted by my mad kitchener skills.


KSD said…
Superb kitchenering (kitchening? Kitching?) indeed!

It's almost as if we don't see it taking shape, we really WON'T believe it.

Liz said…
I will bow to your superb kitchener skills - I really had to take a second and third look to see where the seam was exactly. Well done - this will be a fun sweater to wear soon.