Too Lazy to Upload Pictures

I've finished half the bizarro sweater, and a pair of socks, so I'll post some pictures soon. I do have a good excuse: I've had 5 master's defenses in two days, plus teaching my class today, so I'm a bit brain dead.

But I do have a gripe (of course I do!). This new LYS thing: yarn tasting? Where you get to go to a yarn shop and 'taste' the new yarns? A great idea, but LYSes are charging $20. To go shopping. TO GO SHOPPING.

I also noted that at the Sock Summit, you have to pay to get into the market if you're not signed up for a class. You have to pay TO GO SHOPPING. Please. Don't these people realize we're in a recession? It's only $2 or something like that, but please.

I just don't understand what people are thinking regarding we knitters. That we have money hanging out of our noses? These people are knitters too...what are they thinking?

It makes me love the Black Sheep Gathering, where the classes are cheap and the shopping is least to get in the door.


Alyssa said…
$2 is nothing. Stitches Midwest's market is something like $9!

(I'd pay that to see the Sock Summit Market. I'm crazy excited and it's still 2.5 months away!)
Marcy said…
I already asked for the time off in June. I can't wait!

I was going to try to get into SOAR this year since it's local, but I balked at the price.

All this fiber stuff has become elitist, which I find funny, b/c in previous times, it was the poor people who spun and knit their own stuff, b/c the wealthy people just bought it ready-made. Now the ready-made stuff if cheap, and doing it yourself costs a fortune. Sign of the times, I guess.