Random Knitting Things I Don't Get

1. Cowls

I've knit cowls. I love how they look in pictures. But on me, they look like: oh, here's a girl with a balloon head! Where's the rest of her knitwear?

2. Mitred (mitered?) things, particularly in a jacket/sweater

Has anyone actually knit a mitred jacket? Let me rephrase that. Has anyone ever knitted more than one? Because don't people think you're wearing the same thing?

Mitres are something I like to loo at, from afar, at someone else at a knitting event.

3. Fingerless mitts

Part of me loves the idea, but do you ever wear these and don't feel like a character out of a Dicken's novel? Maybe I should just wear them and get over it.

4. Knitted pants

Do these look at all decent on anyone who isn't a toothpick?


Alyssa said…
I'm with you on 1, 2, & 4, but I love my fingerless mitts. They are perfect for driving when it's chilly because you can still manipulate things, but have warm hands. My favorites are the Endpaper Mitts.
Rachel said…
Hmmm...I have to say that I like cowls because I never know how to wear a freakin' scarf...there is only one way to wear a cowl and it keeps my neck warm. Although I will admit I've only knit one and only have 1 more on the horizon simply because I had one skein of amazing yarn and needed a small project.

And I love fingerless mitts and wear them frequently. Albeit inside. We keep our temp in the house in winter low so I use them often for working on the computer.

The other two..I agree totally.
AmyPinSeattle said…
Thankfully, I've never seen knitting pants on anyone over the age of 3! They look adorable when you are under 2' tall. All bets are off for anyone over 2' tall!!