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We're now into Day 4 with Pilot and things are going well. He has established two dens in the house (one in a crate, one on a pillow we bought for him) and he is starting to accumulate his treasures on his pillow (he has unearthed every long-hidden cat toy in the house). He is starting to get the hang of housetraining, he seems fine being left alone in his crate during the day, and he is settling down quite nicely.

He still wants to terrorize the cats, but they're learning that if they get on a windowsill and look down at him, he'll chill. It's pretty funny.

Anyway, our little friend is a delight. He's having his first vet visit today and we hope that goes well!


Hey Kim! I have a new furry friend too. He just moved in on Sunday - we are working on the housebreaking, I have to keep muttering to myself, "He's a puppy". How did you get Pilot to take to his crate - Tupper whined, cried and barked until 4am (when I finally took him out and napped on the couch with him until 6.
Kim in Oregon said…
Leanne! Is the crate in your bedroom? Pilot didn't like the crate til we moved it to the foot of our bed. Then he was fine. He still prefers us to be around him when he's in it but he's slowly adjusting!
Jeanne said…
Congrats on the new addition - he's adorable, and I'm so glad he's settling in...
Rachel said…
Except for the poor kittens, it sounds like Pilot is adjusting to his new home well. So glad to here it.

RE: your comment...since I pushed beyond the comfort zone once, I can do it again. :) Next time I'm close to Eugene...done.
Rachel said…
here, there really a difference? :) brain is on autopilot this morning...pain in the butt data set giving me a headache.