Ten Mile Knit Down

In which I read trashy knitting mysteries and knit on the same two projects constantly

Less of a mystery


Top Down!

Christmas Eve Eve

So it looks like nothing..

Public Service Announcement

Holiday Home Stretch

Mad DK Skillz

Lovely days

Quick Updates

A Sock for Tim

Actual knitting content

Gifts for Knitters

Nothing to see here, folks.

Yet another pair

Mittens Acomplished



Snow Day! Not.

Seasons Eatings

Yes, these are from the movie Twilight...

Sweater back

As the sweater grows

Friday 4pm

Putting my Mind to It


The Cable Grows

Falling Back!


If ends would only...

Happy Halloween!

Another busy week

Another Sweater

Start of a Sweater

Almost a placemat


Go Ducks!

Almost a bag

Shoot! Thursday Already!

Getting There


Things that are apparently too much to ask for

And I try again

Marching Mooses

Knitting Things I Don't Want

1 down...


Open Letter to Online Yarn Stores

Placemats etc

Retina searing sock yarn

Halfway through the Moose

Things Annoying Me Lately

Back to Reality


Blocking Mythos

Just Beachy

The Great Placemat Project

Zauberball Crazy

More Atom!

Mystery Solved

Rant Update

And more Little Pink Sock