Because I am a sheep

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So there's this little knitterly trend about 'make your own sock club'....basically, you go find a dozen patterns, match them with a dozen skeins of yarn, put them in a dozen zip locks, and voila, sock club.

And (fill in title here), I did this today. I thought it would help organize my stash and would also help in some of those frozen 'what do I knit now" moments. The only rule is that the pattern couldn't be a mindless sock pattern. Which really would mean not a pattern at all.

The picture is my club....13 little kits (because I can't be a total sheep) that I'll randomly pick out and start this year.

I wasn't too imaginative...six of these are the yarn/pattern combos that I received as part of the Woolgirl Sock Club . But the rest are things that I've saved over time as wanting to knit, and then I went through my stash and matched with yarn. I laid it all out on the floor like this so that I could be sure I wasn't making too many pairs of purple socks (and note, only one purrple skein in the bunch). There look slike a lot of pink but there's actually two pinkish, two peachish, and one glow in the dark pink and orange. I've even thrown in some green there, even though I'm not a big green person, but the sock pattern has a tree on the back.

So that's it. It's all in a giant bag...I think I'll probably generate a random number and pull things out til I come to the number. But we'll see.


Rachel said…
Sheep or no sheep, I think this is a great idea. If I thought I could actually knit a pair of socks a month, I would totally do this!
Minh said…
What a nice sock club for yourself! (I too am guilty of not having knitted my Woolgirl kits)

What's the green yarn and the corresponding tree pattern? The yarn looks beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Very ingenious! And productive. Good for you.
Kim in Oregon said…
Minh...the yarn is Tosh Sock by Madelinetosh in the Seaglass colorway. The pattern is "Grow" by Meghan Jackson, and I'm guessing I got it as part of a sock club somewhere. It looks like a great pattern for green yarn!
zippiknits said…
I love the idea but just don't think I'd ever finish a pair of socks a mnmth. So maybe will do it anyway just because its a cool idea of a motivator. Six pair in a year isn't so bad either.