Cable Socks

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Getting to the home stretch of this sock designed by Cookie is in her book and has some twee name that I'm too lazy to look up right now. I had put the sock away during my 'too stressed for cables' phase but now I'm in a better place, cable wise. So these are almost done, as are the socks made with Zauberball (which I love! If you need a great stripey sock yarn, try Zauberball!).

The term has started, and with it the usual craziness. I had to write a ton of letters of rec this week as well as read a 265 page dissertation on communication policy in Ghana. Just to make the dissertation even more obtuse, it was written from a feminist perspective. Gah! But that defense is tomorrow, and then I'll feel a bit more in control.

Pilot is down to two periods of craziness and 1 or 2 anky-cranky moments each day, with crazy periods lasting 10-15 minutes and anky-cranky periods lasting about the same amount of time. We're getting there.


Anonymous said…
Poor Pilot. Poorer you.

You must write his recommendation separately. So many of my professors had a form letter; I've never been able to go that route.

Nice color on the sock!
Bonnie said…
I've gotten so rusty at blog comments, I hardly know what to say.