Cookie A Cable Socks

Originally uploaded by kbshee
I finished these Cookie A socks, finally, and I like them but don't love them (hello, 2010 theme!). I like a more aggressive cable myself (and I only write that because I know that my good twin will laugh at that). But you know what I mean. I like a cable that is a little bit more, well, cable-y.

I do like the XO cable on the back leg of this sock, which is hard to see unless you click on the picture and look at it really big.

The reason why the picture is so dark is because, darn it, my digital camera does not appear to want to take pictures of purple things so that they look, indeed, like purple things. Even this, taken wtihout a flash, is much bluer than the socks really are. Frustrating.

So on the needles: entrelac socks, a beautiful pair of cable socks from Janel Laidman's latest book, and a mindless sweater. Pics a comin!


Anonymous said…
You know your good twin well. I imagine you in camo gear and eye-black, wielding a cable hook while laughing maniacally. And there's a knitting equivalent of Duvall's "Smells like. . . victory" statement.