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For some reason, I rarely get gifts of yarn. Everyone in my family knows I knit, so while it seems a no-brainer to me to get me yarn as a gift, it almost never happens. And honestly, I'm not picky. I love just about all kinds of yarn, and am happy to give anything a try.

So how happy was I when a good friend was off on a two-week cruise to South America, and when he asked "do you want anything?" and I said "yarn!", he actually remembered and bought a ball of thick thick thick...almost pencil roving...cream colored SOMETHING. I'm guessing it is some type of wool/llama mix.

I first tried to knit a floppy beret with this. It looked like crap. I dreamt one night of a cap knit like a headband with a top. So I tried has a bit of a wavy cable o the band, followed by the top.

It's being modeled by a hedgehog.

I really like it, it is wonderfully warm and I'll think of Steve and Patty whenever I wear it.



handeyecrafts said…
I never get yarn either. Why is that, do you suppose? Do we come off as picky?
Beverly said…
Me either. It doesn't have to be yarn. I would gladly take something else knitting-related.