Happy New Year!

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Well, here we go with '10'. I hope the New Year finds you happily ensconsed (sp?) with loved ones, recovering from a very festive holiday season.

It was a busy yet happy one for us. Having Pilot is like having a baby around...we had to be careful about everything and while that made the holidays a little less relaxing than they usually are for us, we wouldn't trade them for anything. Even though I've had a few weeks off, I haven't felt like I got a lot of reading or knitting done. But I do have some things to show you.

This is a great in-the-round, no-seams cardigan that I made with Rowan Soft Luxe that I got on sale. The pattern is from Webs...a Valley Yarn pattern...if you want to know more let me know and I'll dig it out for you. It has a pretty shawl collar and was just a pleasure to knit during those 'I need a mindless project' days.

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I have gosh-knows-how-many socks on the needles, but I did manage to finish one pair of mindless socks (yes, sensing a theme here?). These are believe it or not from the same skein of yarn. I really don't get the physics of pooling, and if you do please let me know. Anyway...this yarn is from Fleece Artist...I think the colorway might be called Firebird...but again I'm not sure...it is from a long time ago.

So right now, I have a pair of mindless socks, a pair of cable socks, a pair of lace socks, and a pair of entrelac socks on the needles. I'm also finishing up a hoodie, have the back of a cable sweater, and just cast on for another sweater with a fair isle yoke. So I think I need to focus. Don't you? I smell a resolution!


Anonymous said…
The sweater looks like a straitjacket ---- I, I, uh, I mean beautiful!
Sheila E said…
When you have to be mindful of a new baby in the house...it doesn't leave much room for anything demanding.
I would say that you are doing a great job getting done what you have so far.
Happy New Year Dear Kim....Wishes of happiness and joy!
Rachel said…
Happy 2010 Kim! Is this semester going to be any less demanding for you? I hope you are able to find more of that elusive balance we all struggle for in the new year.