A Holla Hoody

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So yes, I finished something this break. This is 'Holla" from Knitty..one of those patterns where I saw the pattern, knew I had to make it right then and there, and so did.

Did being sort of a relative term, I guess, since it took me a while.

Why did I like it? The cable is my favorite one..a braided cable. There's braided cable around the hood and down the center of each sleeve. And I like hoodies. And I like raglans. And I had Rowan Calmer in the stash to make it.

So here it is. I am in like but not in love with this sweater. If I make it again, I'd make it much longer, because it is sort of short..not cropped short, but short enough that I can't wear this with most of my jeans. It is also a little low-cut, but I think the actual neckline looks good, and I could always wear something under it.

The instructions are pretty good, but it was unclear what to do with the hood, although once I had finished knitting the hood (which is knitted separately) it all kind of makes sense.

So that's it. I'm glad it is done and I'll wear it soon. Just not as I hoped to wear it.


Anonymous said…
Can kinda tell from your expression that you aren't completely delighted. But I like the cabling around the neckline. I assume it goes around the hood, too?
technikat said…
It's a nice sweater but I see what you mean about it being on the short side.

Perhaps you could pick-up stitches around the bottom and knit down to add some length (assuming you have yarn left)

The cabling is really pretty.