Lack of Sog

We are having a very soggy winter here in the Pac NW. I know, I know, you're thinking "it RAINS there, what is she talking about?" But we have had lots of rain..the ground is really very, very saturated. It's also been unusually warm...I haven't had to scrape my windshield this entire month. So wet and warm and everything is mud. Except for the sandbox at the park down the street. It's a little swamp.

So how lucky were we today to have a brilliant, sunny and warm day? We took the dogs on a walk, a good long one, and ran into lots of other people with the same idea. What a surprise! Then a quick trip to the library and to lunch at one of our favorite brew pubs, the Rogue City Brewery, where we had Kobe Burgers. Then home, where I spent a good hunk of time clearing out the front gardens. I should do that in October, but the rains came a-early this year (what am I saying? I'm sure I was just too lazy to do it in October) so today was the day that all of last summer's garden leftovers got pulled out.

It was a bit (just a teeny bit) like Christmas, where every handful of wet leaves uncovered more green shoots pushing up and getting ready for spring. The crocuses are in pretty full bloom, and I expect to see Grape Hyacinths in the next few weeks.

So two good things about this winter: so much rain looks like it is really going to produce beautiful spring flowers, and wet leaves are easier to pick up than dry leaves.

I've been knitting on a chunky sweater that should be done tomorrow. I am a chunky girl so chunky knits aren't exactly my thing, but I needed an instant gratification (well, not instant, it is knitting) so I did this sweater. I think it will be good. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Excellent use of the word "chunky," my dear.
technikat said…
I can't believe you've got crocus blooming already. We've got rain but we're getting ready for our next snowstorm. No crocus for at least 5 or so weeks:-(.
Rachel said…
I figured you all were probably warm and soggy considering we are warm and soggy and that's just crazy! But even more crazy? Shoots in