Use Your Imagination!

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These socks...which are beautiful...are at a very hard to photograph stage. Here's why.

They are socks from Janel Laidman's "Enchanted Sole" book...the ones where you're supposed to knit a little pocket in them but I didn't do that...and you knit the pattern on one needle and the other needle is just stockinette. Well, then when it comes time to turn the heel, you move the stitches around so the original 'pattern' needle has 15 pattern stitches and 15 plain stockinette, and vice versa. So the pattern goes on the OUTSIDE of your leg, not on top like other patterns do. Does that make sense?

OK. Now. Try to photograph the side of your leg. Not easy, is it?

And you can't just lay the sock down to photograph it, since only half of the pattern is on each needle.

I'm sure there is a very simple way to address this but I have yet to found it.

And yes! There are beads!

The yarn: mongolian cashmere. It is swoonworthy.


Rachel said…
I have no idea how to solve your problem, but I do really like that pattern...not one I've seen. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
janel said…
Oh! very pretty, and in cashmere, I'm swooning already. I like the sock without a pocket, and I think your choice of beads and yarn is lovely.
Anonymous said…
Some socks are just too pretty to cover up with shoes. And pants legs.