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I haven't been out to visit the alpacas for a while, and one of my students wanted to visit (she's designing a new logo for the farm), so with our fingers crossed against the rain we headed down to Cottage Grove.

Bil and Julia now have 22 alpacas on site: 18 females and 4 males. I think 4 or 5 of the females are come spring, it will be nutty there! The boys have the back pasture and the girls are living in the barn, but finally the pastures are drying out enough so the ladies can get outside more.

All of the alpacas look great. My little boy, Atom, has recovered from a rough start and now looks beautiful. His fleece is lush and soft, and he seems happy and healthy and alert. And as usual, Brownie is doing great. She isn't going to be a big girl, but she's beautiful.

We also visited with the chickens and the quail, and left with a carton of eggs that will be omelets tonight.

I can't wait to see what's next at the farm! Shearing day is 4/29.


Rachel said…
So cool! I missed before that your alpacas were in Cottage Grove...I spent quite a bit of time down there one year (on industry land right outside of the town itself)! So have you spun any of the fiber you've gotten yet (from last year)?