Hello Cashmere. I love you.

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I finished these Cashmere socks from Janel Laidman's fabulous sock book, and I love them. The pattern is so beautiful, and there are little beads in there as well. I'm almost afraid to wear them, as I've heard that cashmere can felt pretty easily. Almost. I'll have to gird my loins and put them on sometime soon.

I'm off to be a keynote speaker at the Southern Oregon Visitor's Association Marketing Conference (ooh) at Seven Feather's Casino (double ooh) so maybe I'll wear them then.

Beautiful sunny day today. How is it where you are?


Liz said…
cold, mostly gray skies, with an occasional patch of blue. We even saw the sun for about 15 minutes this afternoon, LOL

LOVE these socks - I will have to see if our library has the book
handeyecrafts said…
Beautiful, sunny, but cashmereless.
Rachel said…
So excited to see these finished...love them!

Okay, I'm done...no more bombardment in the comments.