And just like that...

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...spring break is over. Just one more then back for the last ten weeks of the term. Only one class this term, so I have lots of writing projects planned. I am under contract as a co-author on three books, and I've done practically no writing this year, so I've got a lot on the plate. But summer is acumen in eventually I'm also teaching one class in Portland this summer (two Saturdays, not so bad).

The first Majestic sock is is just beautiful. I'm quite pleased with it, and I'm enjoying knitting the second one as well. I've made quite a bit of headway on various projects this week,which at least makes me feel that something was accomplished. Plus, we went bowling on Friday, and I broke 100, so if that isn't an accomplishment I don't know what is.

I've also been going through all the piles of magazines and winnowing out...tearing out patterns when appropriate, but mostly tossing. I've also been developing quite a list of things I want to knit, which of course leads to serious startitis. I almost cast on for Alice Starmore's Elizabeth I yesterday (from Tudor Roses) and for Kathy Zimmerman's Dickinson Pullover but thought, quite wisely, that the five projects I had on the needles were plenty. But I ended up with a nice list of things I'd like to knit, along with where the pattern could be found and what yarn I'd use.

I know, I know, i can do that automatically on Ravelry, but I wont.

I'm trying to decide whether to invest in the IK DVDs that are out now. I think I have the actual magazines from 2004 on, and they take up a lot of space. I only want the patterns...I'm not that interested in holding on to the technique articles or the profiles of knit designers, so the pattern DVDs would be fine for me...but at $25 a pop for a year I wonder if it is really worth it. Maybe they'll go on sale some day. We'll see. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said…
Glad to know I'm not the only one who rips up knitting magazines. It's sort of freeing, isn't it?
Rachel said…
Wow. Your majestic sock is beautiful...well done! (is that a sock club pattern or one available for the masses?)

I do my knitting list separate from Ravelry as well...I think it's a great resource but the queue is not quite set up to suit me.

Good luck finishing up your terms and your contracts!