And the week of fun and knitting continues

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Another cloudyish day today, which means, surprise surprise, more knitting. Pilot's dog class is tonight and I'm also having coffee with a colleague today so all in all a 'full' ish day for a spring break day.

This is the Skew pattern from knitty...and it is a sock, but it is knit in an interesting way so the whole sock ends up tilted. Confused? Yeah me too. Here's the whole pattern . It is a fun knit, I must say, just a little more complex than a mindless sock. The yarn is hmmm...I actually have no idea since I seem to have lost the label. But as you can see, it is blue and purple and orange, and is very bright and spring like. For a sock.

And you might have also noticed a little change to the blog. The little sheep is technically a dog toy that I bought on sale, but I don't have the heart to give it to Pilot since he will simply rip it to shreds. So I'm keeping it as a little mascot. I guess I should have a 'name the sheep' contest. So if you have a thought for the name of the sheep, leave it in the comments. Winner gets a prize. It will be yarn.


Leah said…
Name suggestion: How about "Baaab" (Bob gone bad, LOL)
Liz said…
Blewe sheep ??

nice sock too !!
Rachel said…
Yeah, I'm joining the naming contest. Perfect excuse for some serious procrastination. I think you made the right decision keeping this from Pilot. Pity if the cute thing had been torn to shreds!

I can't get this one episode of Gilmore Girls out of my head today for some reason...where they named a baby chick Stella (as in STTEEELLLAAA!). So even though this is a sheep, not a chick, that's my name. And if it's a boy sheep (you know, cuz it's wearing blue), then it would have to be Stanley.
Kim in Oregon said…
Rachel, we love the name Stella, so much that our little black cat is named that! Thanks for the names everyone!
Anonymous said…
"CoPilot." "Whale."

You're welcome.
Minh said…
Robin like "robin egg blue"?
Or a silly name like "Blue-Baa"!