Bohus in the house

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For a while, I was thinking this type of knitting is called Bauhaus and the title of this post would be "our house is a very very very bauhaus" but not so much, I guess.

So, I have finished 16 rows of the sweater sleeve of my bohus sweater. There are four colors in this, if you look carefully: grey, white, red and purple that is very close to the grey but I think you can tell the difference.

So I'm not as scared as I used to be with colorwork, although it isn't the zip-along-merrily-and-get-a-lot-of-knitting done technique that I enjoy so much.

So now I have, officially, four projects on the needles (this sweater, mindless socks, gold socks, skew socks) and I'm itching to cast on for a top down raglan using Summer Tweed AND a cable sweater.

Oh and there's another cable sweater that has the back done but nothing else.

And it's a dark and rainy day, so it might just happen!


Rachel said…
4 colors is certainly intimidating to me! So did you end up just dropping all colors not in use and picking them up one by one as needed? Or do you do some complicated technique with both hands?
Anonymous said…
Looking really, really good!!!