Don't Mess with Me..

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..because I was the star of puppy school last night.

Maybe it is the effort my parents are putting into training me, maybe it is the raw lamb treats of the instructor, but I was practically perfect in every way last night. The other parents at class even said 'awww' when I obeyed commands.

If you need consults for your own dogs, please let me know. I aim to please.

Yours truly,



Anonymous said…
The expression is that brilliant cross between humility/adorability and "leave me alone or I will seriously attack you. Gonadally, if you want to know."
Ling said…
Good job! And keep up the good work. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you.
Jeanne said…
Congrats on the training! Maybe Pilot should come help train Penny!
zippiknits said…
That look on Pilot's face says, "damn, I know I'm good" Does a new cashmere doggie coat come out of this for Pi?
Beverly said…
The expression on his face is 'Priceless.'
Rachel said…
Awwww...look at that face! Pilot, you are such a beautiful pup...a bonus that you are super student too! :)