I'm so skewed

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The last 24 hours have been...well...odd. Just odd. Let me just say, don't bring your digital stuff within a few hundred miles of me for it will be destroyed. Last night, my iPhone wouldn't communicate with iTunes. And a jump drive just acted bizarre...lots of space one moment, no space the next. And our Internet service was off and on, off and on. I think we have some type of digital ghost in our house. Just what we need.

And today has just been nonstop, with meetings, getting ready for class, reviewing a paper, listening to student excuses, and trying to get Survey Monkey to make sense.

And on top of this, Pilot has been burying his new favorite toys....these little rawhide rings...in the furniture. And then digging them up.

But anyway. The first skewed sock is done. I didn't think it would look quite like this (and my, what a big big toe I have) but I like how it looks. This was a fun knit mostly because I really didn't know what it would end up looking like. And certainly the pattern accomodates evil pooling very nicely. So I'm happy.

How are you?


Anonymous said…
Did you ever see "Be Kind, Rewind"? Perhaps you're magnetized. . .

Great sock, btw.