It's just a sock

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So, the first class day of the new term is over. I had 20 no shows and no excuse for skipping students the first day...out of 140...which is nuts. I emailed them telling them to drop the class, and a handful are fighting me. The biggest jerk is a guy who missed the 9:30 bus and thus missed class. Hello? 10:00 bus? Cab? Call a friend? Anyway, I think the class will settle down to a manageable number which is good.

One of the challengingist (not a word, I know) things about academia is that there's no 'transition time' from being off to being on. In my industry days, the first morning back from vacation was usually spent going through mail, dropping by people's offices with a cup of coffee and shooting the breeze...not so with academia. It's gogogo from the minute your feet set foot on the sacred soil of campus. Which never fails to throw me for a loop.

Speaking of feet (what a transition) mindless sock is seen here, a nice little sock knit in some gorgeous yarn, from's the Mori yarn, which is a wool/silk blend and really captures colors beautifully. I don't even recall where and when I got this yarn, but it is lovely to knit with, and I'm glad I dug it out of the closet.


Linda said…
I've been enjoying your blog. I live in Hillsboro, Oregon. I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt feather and fan socks or just keep that pattern for scarves and stoles.

I knit socks using Magic Loop and love the pattern in Socks-Socks-Socks but I refuse to start a needle with a yarn over. Decisions Decisions.

I worked in graduate school academia for 17 years. They are every bit as bad as undergrads for weak excuses.
Rachel said…
Ah, the excuses of undergraduates! And can I just say...140 in a I can't even imagine standing in front of so many undergrads.

Seems like a mindless sock is just the thing...and a pretty one at that.