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I'm taking a little break in posting about knitting because today we took a little break and went over to the Oregon Coast for the day. We live about 50 miles inland from the coast, so we can get there fairly easily. However, our favorite place is about 100 miles from our house, a little town called Pacific City. So we buzzed over there for lunch at the Pelican Brew Pub, and then a pretty long trek up the beach to the point where the Nestucca Bay joins the Pacific Ocean.

So if you look at this map: here you can see Pacific City and we hiked from the entrance to Bob Straub south to where the bay meets the Ocean. And back again. The wind was blowing really hard from the south, which made the trek down a bit tough but the back easy as pie. After that, we went drove up to our property, fondly known as the blackberry patch, which is on a hill overlooking PC and the ocean. It's still there, good to know.

The 'name the sheep' contest continues, and Rachel suggested the names Stella or Stanley. I wanted to share a picture of our Stella. We've had her for what, seven years? She was abandoned in a ditch when she was two weeks old with serious head trauma. Our vet at the time chose not to euthanize her, and we chose to bring her home. At about 2 she started suffering seizures, and she's been on phenobarbital for about 4 years, and hasn't had a seizure now for a year. She's a bit of different cat, but aren't they all.

So keep the names coming!


Rachel said…
okay, since Stella's out (Hi Stella by the way...good to hear you are staying seizure free!) for a girl sheep, then I submit another name that has been stuck in my head (don't ask)...Guinevere. Cuz the name means fair and white or soft. Fitting for a sheep don't you think...throw in scandalous legend and what could be better?

However, I still stand behind Stanley if it's a male. :)

Glad to hear you took some time to visit the coast and your blackberry patch!
kitkatknit said…
We love the Pelican Brew Pub! It's been there a long time. We used to do the OR coast at least once a year. Now it's been 3 since we've been there. Sigh.