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Here is the first project from My Own Private Sock Club: the Majestic Sock! THe pattern is by Elizabeth Warner and the yarn is Zen Yarn Company, and the pattern is a really cool cable that was inspired by Cleopatra.

All in all, a very fun knit. The cable chart is printed REALLY BIG and that makes the cabling less intimidating. And the yarn is gorgeous too.

The construction of the heel is inspired by Cat Bhordi's new book, so i'm looking forward to trying that technique as well.

I love this sock.

I'm not a big Gold person, though i don't know why...I have no gold socks. It must be because I'm an official Color Me Beautiful Spring, and the autumnal gold is a no-no. But hey, it won't be the first time I've broken those CMB rules!

Did you do Color Me Beautiful? What season are you?


Anonymous said…
Bee-Yooo-tuhflee done!

Me, I'm a Spring.
technikat said…
I'm a summer but I wear a lot of winter colors as well.
Jeanne said…
Very pretty sock - great cables!
Rachel said…
Wow--this will be a beautiful sock. I'm not a big gold person either, but from you picture, it looks like a deep, dark gold...actually a really pretty color!