Spring Break: Day 3

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I shouldn't even call this a Day 3 blog because I've only been awake for about an hour and a half and all I've done is do a crossword puzzle and drink coffee. But I wanted to share with you this top that is 'finished' in terms of the major knitting is done but obviously it still needs a wee bit of work.

Such as, seam it all together, and then knit some more around the neckline and bottom.

But this is a pattern from a new book published by Mission Falls (did you know Mags Kandis isn't designing for them? So now they have a bunch of different designers...I saw an ad for the pattern book in a magazine, had to make this top, but the rest of the book is sort of, um, blah). There's a cable in the center of both front and back, as well as on the little cap sleeves. It is a raglan design (which I love). The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (which is you might remember, I'm afraid will bleed). But we'll see.

This was a fun knit...not quite mindless but easy enough for television watching. I also finished one sleeve while reading a new book, "Angelology." If you're rolling your eyes right now, please stop. It's very well written, and contains my favorite technique: moving back and forth between present and past, and taking some received knowledge and blowing it up to bits. And nuns, which I find fascinating for some reason. It's a good spring break book.

Another wet and possibly gloomy day.


Anonymous said…
I so like that you call many of your projects "fun." That's what they should be, right?