Start of a top

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This first intarsia project.

I don't really care for busy sweaters on me, so I'm not a big intarsia fan. But I saw this little top in a Mission Falls ad and wanted to try it. Basically, it is a solid color top with a white braid down the center of the front, the back and both short sleeves. It uses three balls of yarn...two blues on either side and a cream colored in the middle.

The yarn is Cotton Fleece and now I'm afraid the blues will bleed, but such is life. I finished the back last night so as soon as I have a picture I'll post it.

It is the last week of the term and so far have spent two days listening to presentations, wtih two more days to come. I'm not that good at sitting and listening. I can do it for a bit, but then feel completely wrung out afterwards. Hmm. Do you?


Anonymous said…
I do the same with presentations. Then, even go home and stand on some yarn, just like you!!

The shoes --- what. is your size?

(And why have we gone all Shatner?)
Rachel said…
Oh man...that's the whole reason I sort of hate conferences (that and being forced into social settings). I get overloaded and tapped by about 10:30 in the morning and then it's almost physically painful to continue listening.