Everybody in the Pool

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It's been a few days without pictures, and here's one of the latest mindless sock that I've been working on. It's pooling in all kinds of odd ways, which is fine, as it is a mindless sock and sort of a 'you get what you get'. The colors are quite bright and very vibrant, so that's the benefit of the sock.

I'm not a big fan of pooling, but I don't have the patience to change needles a gazillion times to get socks not to pool, thus I will live with the pooling.

Thanks for your thoughts on yarn and books for travel. I am also taking my laptop on the plane and hopefully will get some work done too. I think I will take "The Blind Assassin" to read on the plane and something else for the trip home, plus yarn and needles, so I should be hopefully entertained.

I tend to get someone anxious when I travel, could you tell?


cshogan said…
I think the pooling is kinda cool.
KSD said…
I thought I was the only knitter on the Web who actually likes pooling, but apparently not.

Anxiety breeds creativity? Maybe?