Milan Socks

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May is Milan month. Well, not really....I guess April is Milan month because that is when I finished these socks and June is Milan month because I'm going to Milan!

But more on that later.

I've finished the Milan socks (well, except for a bit of weaving in, as you can see on the right hand sock at the top) and they're cute. I haven't worn them enough to see if the beads in the blue part (which pretty much go around my ankle and arch) are going to be bothersome. I don't think they will. I have a pretty high arch and I will most likely be wearing these with Dansko clogs, so I think I'll be OK. The colors are so bright and pretty and this yarn (merino/cashmere/silk maybe? Yes, just checked the label. This is funny: the fibers are Cashmere, Merion (spelling intentional) and Silk.

Now Milan the city. I have a conference to go to in June. It is occurring during the last week of classes, when most college campuses are shut down or deeply into summer term, but not those of us on quarters. So yes, I'm heading to Milan 6/1 and coming back 6/6. That works out to basically four days in Milan, with the conference occurring during 1.5 of them. I'm anxious but excited!

Lots of other knitting on the needles but nothing seems to be getting anywhere fast. Ah well. Stay tuned.