Traveling dilemmas

So as loyal blog readers know, I'm off on a whirlwind Italian journey on Tuesday. And the question of the day is: what to bring to knit on the plane?

Or the sub-questions: is one pair of socks enough, considering I will be taking unknit yarn to cast on and complete during the two cross Atlantic flights? Or should I pack an extra skein of balled-up sock yarn in the suitcase? Or should I just admit to myself that yes, I will find a yarn store in Milan, and bring more yarn home? Or just relax dammit?'

Your input is welcome.


kitkatknit said…
No matter how long my trip might be (overnight or more) I always pack the current sock project, plus a ball of the same gauge sock yarn in case I finish the first pair (never have) plus another knitting project just in case I never want to see those socks again.

Not to mention that you will be flying from that state just south of mine so you have that travel time too.

Bon voyage!
p.s. you should see what my word verification is!! I love it. And I am keeping it. stfugly . Good ol' Saint Fugly.
Liz said…
Always be prepared.....for an unexpected airport delay or something else unusual. Balled up sock yarn goes nicely in a ziploc bag with the air squished out and takes very little space, then should you finish the pair you start, you'll be all set. AND you can still find a yarn shop and buy more yarn !! Have a super trip, I'm jealous
KSD said…
"Yes" to all. Except "Relax, dammit." The knitting will take care of that.

Gonna miss ya.
Rachel said…
So are you super knitter when you travel? If so, then I think you should at least take enough for two pairs of socks.

If you are like me though...where you fret about packing enough yarn and enough variety and then end up doing hardly any knitting at all on the plane or in the car...then I say relax dammit. :)