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Yeah, yeah, long time no post. Sorry about that. Spring term is always nuts, and this spring term is no exception...I've had all kind of event type things along with some atypical frustrations and that has meant not a lot of blogging time. Actually, not a lot of knitting time as well, although I still am managing to plug away.

My last post, I think, may have featured the beginnings of this little top and here is where it stands right now. Basically, I took the 'idea' of the Mr. Greenjeans cardigan and am creating an in-the-round sleeveless summer top. So it's a pullover, not a cardigan. I think I need about two more inches on the length (which is a rib and cable pattern) and then I think I need to figure out what to do with the neckline...maybe a couple of rows of reverse stockinette to echo the purl stitches on the ribbing, I'm not sure (but I think if I don't do something with the neckline it will be a bit bare).

The yarn: Rowan Calmer is a nice baby blue shade, and I do love this yarn.

Other than that, I'm slowly getting excited for week 9 (ok not exciting) and then my quick hop over to Milan (I'm such the jetsetter) and then back here for graduation and then my anniversary and then summer! Although it has been so cold and wet here it will surprise me if summer really chooses to make an appearance this year.

How are you? What's new?


Anonymous said…
That looks terrific. Hooray for creativity1
Rachel said…
I'm so impressed by those people who can easily alter patterns to fit their style. It looks good!

I hope things are winding down for you...do you have any summer classes this year? Milan sounds like such a great break...hopefully you'll bring back photos to share! I hope you have an amazing trip!