And it's not even noon

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Today is supposed to be hot. Something like around 90 or 95. It is also our walking day: Tim and I (and the dogs, of course) do a 'long' walk every other day. We try to be out walking for between 45 minutes and a hour during the week, and then definitely for an hour or more on the weekends. So today was our weekend walking day, and we headed over to Spencer Butte first thing.

First thing, as in pre-shower, pre-breakfast, and pre-coffee. Pre-coffee!

Anyway, we've done this hike many times but not recently (since Cody was sick, I'm sure). It's not a long hike...a little over two miles round trip, but the trip up the butte is UP and the last 1/5 mile or so is all over rocks. So while it isn't a killer hike, it isn't a walk in the park either. In my less in-shape years, I've had to stop several times during the last 1/5 mile to catch my breath. Today, we only stopped once...and we were two minutes from the top, so I'm sure I could have made it without stopping.

We have, in the past, generally gone mid-day, and have had to share the hike with lots of people. We've been in the parking lot before with at least 25 other cars. When you go first thing (and don't be that was probably 8:45 by the time we got on the trail) there were only half a dozen cars in the parking lot, we saw two other people on the trail (they were jogging up and we ran into them jogging down when we were almost up at the summit, hello strangers, I kinda hate you) and there were only two other people at the top (we've had to share it with at least a dozen on previous trips). So we sat at the top, drank water and ate peaches, and enjoyed the quiet.

When we started down, we ran into a lot more people and a lot more children (which are absent first thing) and all in all, we agreed it was a nice hike.

THe sock you see is one of the mystery balls that are on the yarn wall, black with lots of glow in the dark colors. Not necessarily summer knitting, but I'm enjoying it. I work on this sock when I'm reading...I've read several good books so far this summer, including "The Nobodies Album" by Carolyn Parkhurst and "Every Last Thing" by Anna Quindlen but I keep finding sad family stories to read. Now I'm re-reading "Fever Pitch" by Nick Hornby.

Mad Men starts tomorrow. Are you as excited as I am?


Anonymous said…
I can't stop thinking, "Where did those children come from?"

Love the sock yarn. And am going to find myself a copy of "The Nobodies Album" --- it really seems to have made an impact on you.
technikat said…
I've done the Spencer Butte hike while visiting my DD when she was in grad school at UO. It definitely is UP! I love your sock. It reminds me of a lightning strike.