In the Pantheon of Annoyingness...

...this rates somewhere in the middle.

Favorite Sock Yarn Dyer (FSYD) announces a week ago she'll update her Etsy store today at 10am PST. FSYD also announces it is a grab bag, so you just order 'a skein' and she'll grab something and send it to you (there is a logical reason for doing this having to do with a move to a new location and a desire not to move a lot of inventory).

So I arrive at FSYD etsy site today and there it is, the link to buy a MAXIMUM of 2 skeins. So I put 2 skeins into cart. Press the checkout button. There is then only 1 skein in cart. OK. Press the button to get directed to paypal to pay and get an oh so cute and whimsical etsy error message (this one had to do with knitting and said something like oops dropped a stitch. And there's a picture of a three-armed sweater. Hello. Etsy. That's not gonna happen if you drop a stitch).

And it also said...ready...try again later.

Try what again later, etsy? The whole purchase process? Because there isn't going to be anything left because there were only 50 skeins to begin with.

I press the back key, and it happens again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Finally: this etsy shop does not have the stock to fulfill your order.

So where would you put this n the annoying scale?