July Fifthankful

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So today is a holiday here in the US, since July 4th was on a Sunday, and we awoke to discover Juneau had been very sick during the night. How thankful we are that our wonderful Vets were open today. I took Juneau in at 9:15 and she was checked out, given some antibiotics and put on a rice and diet chicken, and she seems pretty good. Hopefully she'll be back to normal sometime tomorrow (although we did take her and Pilot for a good long walk today, which she seemed to enjoy, and we've had lots of puppy smiles and wags this afternoon).

The photo is the pair of socks from the Jo Sharp yarn...I wrote about them earlier...these are pretty unexciting but I like them anyway.

AND the blog contest continues...see the post from yesterday for the details and please leave a comment to be entered! You can leave a comment here too; I'm not picky about the contest!


Anonymous said…
Happy for Juneau! Let's hope she continues to do well.