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Amazing, isn't it?
The wonderous knitting that is the Mythos?
Isn't it? ISN"T IT???

OK. It isn't exciting. It's just the start of a sleeve that must get blocked out to the proper dimensions. But I am working on something! I am!

I don't know why the knitting isn't progressing more. I think I've just been working too much...especially for someone who isn't paid in the summer. I have four book projects to work on this summer, and I finished one of them this week...hooray! I also did a bunch of research for the other 'big' project (the one I finished was one of two 'small' projects). Anyway. I think things are sort of under control in that area.

Back to Mythos: two facts. First, I'm using Wollmeise lace for the yarn. It's beautiful. Second, Mythos was designed by Laura Nelkin who also designed the Eventide scarf that I'm knitting. So i guess it is a Laura Nelkin summer!!

And one final request for today: tomorrow (Monday) at 11 am Pacific Time, please wish my friend and twinnoire (made that word up, like it) Kim luck with her job interview. I'll be sending out all the positive energy to her that I can. Join me! It'll be fun!!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the positivity request; very, very sweet. If I get the job, you'll be 3rd to know. (Children being 1st and 2nd, of course.)

I'm struggling along with my knitting projects, too. Row after row of stockinette isn't all it's cracked up to be!