They're so much prettier than this

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It is so frustrating when gorgeous yarn doesn't photograph gorgeously. What is it with purple anyway? I can't get the glow in the dark nature of the yarn to come through. Grrrr.

Anyway, these are my samurai socks which should be finished tonight.

I had an interesting day today. We did our 'power walk' early (and it wasn't that powerful....we went kayaking yesterday and both felt a bit, um, exercised out). I met a colleague for coffee...I'm helping her promote her new book about life with a teenage daughter (click here to read more) and it is fun to be in the advertising trenches again. Then a silly meeting with some colleagues and then the good news that one of my favorite students landed his dream job! I'm thrilled for him! Congratulations Sterling! .

Overall, a 90% good and only 10% dumb day. No complaints.


Anonymous said…
Purple is a pill to get right. And your friend's book looks terrific (and right up my current alley!)