Thursday Odds and Ends

1. I get at least half a dozen emails every day about new yarns. Or new yarn books. Or new yarn tools. And I'm deleting them all without opening them. Did you hear that? Without. Opening. Them.

2. Although I did have to buy some Rowan Purelife Cotton from Elann yesterday.

3. I blame it on the yarn wall.

4. It is cool then hot then cool here, and it messes with my knitting mojo.

5. I bought cupcakes today at a new shop called Divine Cupcake. Cupcakes are trendy, or else are post-trendy. I've been craving cake lately. Why? Please comment on why you think.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I've had that "have to buy yarn" thing happen to me. . . Without. Opening. A. Single. E-mail.