What Happened?

Where did this week go?
I'm sure I did stuff, and knit stuff, and wrote stuff, but I really can't tell you exactly what.
Those socks I showed you last week are done, and I have some of another sock done, and that scarf is moving along, but nothing amazing or astounding to to show you.
I think I have to blame it on Season 2 of True Blood. And FIFA. And I'm sure I'll find something else to blame.
So now it is 4th of July weekend...not usually a big weekend for us since the waterways tend to be crowded and the dogs (Juneau in particular) is not a big fireworks fan. But the weather should be nice, relaxing will be done, soccer will be watched, and meat will be grilled. How about you?


cshogan said…
The weekend will involve lots of smoked meat for us!
Anonymous said…
I'll be busy helping you decide for whom to cheer, it would seem!

And maybe sending you another cute soccer guy. You know. If you're good. Bad. WHATEVER.
Rachel said…
I have these kind of weeks often. I know I did something but can't exactly remember what!

Someone asked me earlier plans for this weekend and I didn't understand why...until I realized it was the 4th. That should tell you...work, work, work. I get a week off soon so I'm okay with it.