Portrait of cat and sweater

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On a patchwork quilt.
This sweater is going a lot slower than I expected, but why should it go faster? It's tiny little yarn. And theoretically will block out better.

I went to the dentist this morning before my camp experience (more on that below) regarding the broken tooth. Well, it needs a crown, and the crown needs to be preauthorized by my insurance company, which takes three weeks. And three weeks from today? The dentist is closed for a week's vacation. Good times. So no action on the tooth four four weeks. It is annoying but that's all. But annoying.

I'm volunteering for a program at school called SAIL (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning). The program hosts high school kids from lower income areas around UO to come to campus and participate in different 'college like' experiences. Today and tomorrow, I'm working with my colleague Deb Morrison on an experience called "We Are Storytellers". We're working with rising 11th and 12th graders exploring storytelling with the goal of getting them in a good place to write their college apps. We have a dozen or so kids, pretty engaged, pretty interesting, and really smart. It's fun. Even with my broken tooth.